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8055 West Ave #125, Castle Hills, TX 78213, USA

Tu Asador

Our family was raised in the north of Mexico- MONTERREY, NUEVO LEON. We grew up on ranches while our dad Jose “El Charro” worked with cattle. While growing up, our dad did a great job teaching Jose, our brother and now chef, to use the charcoal grill. At just 6 years old he knew how to light it up and help dad put some steaks to cook. Eventually, we had to change paths and move to San Antonio, TX. We started working in restaurants as staff- waiters, bartenders, and kitchen staff to earn a living. Once the COVID-19 pandemic started all of our jobs closed down. We then decided to start selling carne asada to our relatives to make some income. That quickly grew and from a ghost kitchen, we moved to our restaurant space located at 8055 West Ave #125. We invite you to share this family tradition with us when you visit us.

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