How to Make the Best Charcuterie Board

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How to Make the Best Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards have become very popular in the last few years. It might be because they are so fun to make. Or the endless possibilities when making one. And they’re almost impossible to mess up! It’s hard to mess up an array of meats and cheeses.

First things first, start with a board. When starting a charcuterie board, you don’t even need to start with a board. If you have a wooden cutting board, a wooden lazy susan, a tiered tray, or even a large serving plate. You could use themed serving trays for the holidays or a heart shaped board for Valentine’s day. There are no rules for this step. So don’t feel the need to go out and buy a new board, you could use whatever you have at home

Here are some options if you do need to buy a board or tray. There are so many options for every price range. Here is a lazy susan, this is can be really handy to make everything easier to access. A tiered tray means more room for meats and cheeses. If you want to spend a little extra, this board has all the tools. Or one that’s a little more affordable. And here’s a nice serving platter.

Pick the cheeses. Pick a variety of cheeses. This can get a little pricey as nicer cheeses tend to be more expensive. But as always, there are options for every price range. It’s best to choose at least 3 different cheeses, but definitely feel free to add more. Some of the crowd-pleasers are brie, gouda, gruyere, and goat. But don’t limit yourself to just these, you can use this opportunity to try out some new cheeses. Put out a few different textures. Soft, firm, or crumbly.

Pick the meats. As charcuterie translates to cooked meats, this is a place to shine. As with cheeses, nicer meats can also add up. But some quality meats can make all the difference. Prosciutto, pepperoni, and salami are good staples. There are so many choices that it’s really difficult to go wrong.

Breads. Slices of French baguette are ideal. For this one, it’s best to keep it simple. About 3-4 different breads and crackers should be enough options. It’s nice to have different sizes and textures.

The extras. You can make your board very exceptional by adding some extra options. Olives, fruit, sauces, and nuts. But don’t limit yourself to these. A good rule of thumb is to go through your pantry and use any items you might already have before going shopping. Some ideas to get you started: pickles, spicy jelly, grapes, apples, honey, jams, jellies, tapenades, spicy mustard, pears, dried fruit, almonds, the list goes on.

Wine. Offering 2-3 wines is a good start. It can be overwhelming to find the right pairing, between white, red, or sparkling. A bold full-bodied or light and crisp? As most of us are not sommeliers, this website can make things easier. It gives you suggestions for wine and cheese pairings.

Make it fancy. This step is if you want to go the extra mile. Add some signs that label the different types of meats and cheeses. Adding some edible flowers and herbs can boost the aesthetic. If you are serving honey, add a little honey dipper. Have some toothpicks, plates, and utensils ready. There are nice utensil sets that can make serving easier. If you’re serving wine, there are special plates that help you carry your wine and your cheeses. Place some tongs around the board so everyone can grab as much as they want.

This list is just to get you started and give you some ideas. Making a charcuterie boad for the first time can be very overwhelming and it’s easy to go overboard. But there’s no need to stress. Most people just enjoy indulging in good meats and cheeses in any form. Make your charcuterie board your own, make it unique. It’s easy to customize. And as stated before, you really can’t mess up a charcuterie board. Meats, cheeses, bread, and wine can ensure for a lively time.

And to get really creative, you can make a dessert board. This can be just as unique as your charcuterie board. An array of sweet and salty snacks. Caramel dipping sauce, hot fudge, pretzels, nuts, fruits, and cookies. You can have different themes; like pink and red for Valentine day, peppermint for Christmas, a chocolate theme, a fruit theme. The possibilities really are endless


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