Bird Bakery

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This article was originally published in the February 2022 issue of 78209 Magazine

Neighbors Still Flock There

By Meredith Kay
Photography by Al Rendon

There are a few foods that, when we encounter them, have the ability to make us feel like kids again. Really great cupcakes are among those foods. Regardless of the guilt we might feel once we’ve consumed one, most of us will savor each and every bite of a truly delicious cupcake, reminiscing about childhood birthday parties or family picnics in the idyllic days before mortgages and deadlines.

When Elizabeth Chambers opened Bird Bakery in 2012, it was her wish to share the beloved family recipes of her mother and grandmother with a community that she loved, and today, her amazing pastry chefs and bakery staff are still delighting locals. This year, Bird Bakery will celebrate its 10th anniversary. Although the bakery has become popular for its delectable bite-sized cupcakes packaged in adorable cardboard egg cartons, the restaurant also features many delicious breakfast and lunch dishes that keep locals coming back week after week.

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